Tuesday, June 16, 2009

True Development


The performances took a leap today. I think I've said that before, it is unfair to say it took a leap, they took flight. That is more accurate. Before rehearsal today I talked with Scott, and Andrea Haring about warming up, and the purpose of it, and they both spoke about the intention of warming up just prior to the show is about becoming open, relaxed, connected to the material in order to create 'conscious spontaneity'. I came to rehearsal only to discover that both Jamie D. and Eric T. on their own had been thinking about their warm up process. I shared with them the idea of taking advantage of being with each other, talk about the play, run lines, - connect with one another. Andrea's suggestion was to also warm up in the space. To take advantage of the opportunity of their connection to the world of the play. And, that is what they did before the show tonight. And they were both really there for the 'first' time, hearing, reacting, being for the 'first' time. They allowed themselves to not 'control' or manifest the performance. And I was proud. There were some stakes dropped and the new is goal to keep the freedom of performance while working toward 'conscious spontaneity' with the deep emotional connection.
To be perfectly honest the work of directing the play is done.  We've discovered the shape, the needs, the event of the play. The technical elements are complete. It is now moving back to development. The development of two very talented artists. I remember hearing when I was studying acting and just becoming a director that it takes 20 years to become an actor. I don't know if that number is random or not but now that I'm entering my 20th year as a professional director I believe the statement to be true. Eric and Jamie have a wonderful opportunity to continue to grow, find out the best way to work, and push beyond past limitations to reach the next level of their artistry. I have complete faith. Tonight I saw them exit a cocoon and fly. There may be fear about how far from home they want to journey, but after tonight I know that the cocoon will no longer serve them. I'm very excited to watch them take flight together.

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Unknown said...

Hi Padraic,

I met you before the start of the performance on Tuesday the 16th (I was with Kimberly Flores) and I have to say I really enjoyed that night. I was taken on a nice ride from start to finish and left a better person than when I walked in. I really, really, LOVE that you have written this blog on such a consistent basis. It's not every day that we can get feedback straight from the director and having watched the performance and then getting to read your thoughts on it is truly an amazing gift. Keep up the great work and much success in the future.

Luis Argueta