Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott Hudson


Today is, was, Scott Hudson's birthday. And the gift he received from the cast and myself was implementing the realizations of last night. He also got a card and some cake. But the real gift is the willingness of Eric T. and Jamie D. to fully commit to taking the work to the next level and eagerness to refocus, or maybe strengthen the focus of the work. They did a great job tonight. And, there is a vocabulary and grounding in the essence of the play that leads me to believe they will continue to grow on in this direction. 
It is, was, also Monique's birthday today - she took beautiful production shots of the play. This is but one of them.
Implementing the change this evening, though it seemed like a major refocusing was really possible because Scott, Eric T., Jamie D and myself had already done the detailed homework. And they could now let go and just experience the event of the play - which they did. 
There are two shows tomorrow, no rehearsal between, I look forward to them having an opportunity to keep working back to back.

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